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Microsoft Vista(R) Compatibility Notes for Code Counter Pro

This page shows some information about compatibility with Microsoft's latest operating system - Microsoft Vista(R). Since some new functionality and security measures are added in this operating system, this currently breaks the installation procedure of the program in Vista but a simple workaround is shown below:

The main issue is that Code Counter currently (v1.XX) needs administrator access levels to install the program (We are working to have this fixed in the 2.xx releases).

If you do run the installation program directly after downloading the file, it show several errors (i.e. missing file association and illegal operations) and will not install properly.

Good thing is that it is easy to fix this problem.. to do this, simply right click on the Code Counter Pro installation program and select "Properties". On the properties page that appears, click on the "Compatibility" tab and then check the "Run this program as an Administrator" checkbox. Presss "Apply" when done and "OK" to close the window. (See Snapshot below)

After doing that, simply run the installer program as normal by double-clicking on it.

Some Notes:

  • We have tested this workaround using Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (RTM version). This should be similar to other versions of Vista.
  • Future versions of Code Counter will try to fix this problem to make it more compatible with Vista. Future versions will also be updated to include Vista specific screens (i.e. TaskDialogs and File/Folder selection screens) to be more "Vista"-like.

Download it now: (Latest version: 1.32
Approx 2.7 Mb size)
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Other Info

Code Counter Snapshots
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