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Code Counter Results Screen Snapshot

This is the Results tab where the results of your count are displayed.
  • The counts are shown one line per file that matched the criteria you set in the main configuration screen.
  • Each line shows the total # of source code only lines, the total # of comment lines, the total # of source lines that contain comments, the total # of blank lines, and finally, the total # of lines in the whole file. You can click on the header columns to sort them in ascending or descending order (or original order). You may also press "CTRL-F" to search for specific files.
  • From this window, you can save your results in a comma delimited file (CSV) for export to other programs or you can copy the data into the clipboard and paste into other programs that recognize it (such as Microsoft(R) Excel).
  • From version 1.3 onwards, you can also save into XML, HTML, Excel (XLS) as well as the standard CSV file

    If you would like to define your own file types and extensions, simply go to the "Config" tab.

    Code Counter Pro Main / Setup screen

    Download it now: (Latest version: 1.32
    Approx 2.7 Mb size)
    BUY the software (Cost is only US$25/license)
    * Once registered, the 50 file limit and 30-day trial period is removed. Discounts are also available for 5-user or 10-user licenses when you click on this buy button.

Other Info

Code Counter Snapshots
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Source Types Supported

asp, asm, bas, bat,
c, cob, cpp, c++, css
csv, dfm, h, hpp
htm, html, inc, ini
java, js, jsp, log
pas, php, php3
sql, txt, vb, vbs
xml, and now... even
your own file types!

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